Improving the quality of patients’ lives

“From getting an athlete back to the field or an older person to walk themselves, at Transform Physio & Pilates we want our patients to play an active role in recovery and treatment”.

Nour Barcha has created Transform Physio & Pilates in Sydney as a response to the ever-increasing demand for comprehensive and holistic physiotherapy services. With over 23 years of experience, Nour Barcha is dedicated to delivering accurate diagnoses for the patients and treating the cause not just the symptoms.

At Transform Physio & Pilates we have the courage to care!

Nour Barcha at the Beach

Meet Nour Barcha

BAppSc (Phty), APAM

Nour graduated from the University of Sydney in 1995. Following her graduation, Nour worked in the hospital system and a variety of private practices including a specialist Foot and Ankle Clinic, where she gained valuable experience.

Nour has travelled internationally for the Australian Veterans Hockey Pacific Tour and the Rugby Sevens Tournament; worked nationally with AFL and locally with various other sports including Basketball, Gymnastics and Soccer. She has a wealth of experience in managing musculoskeletal and sports conditions and has a particular interest in the management of spinal pain, pelvic and rib dysfunction, and nerve entrapments.

Nour is passionate about diagnosing the biomechanical cause of the patient’s problem and educating the individual on effective ways to manage and prevent recurrence of the injury, with an individualised exercise program. She employs a broad range of techniques including Muscle Energy Techniques, soft tissue release, neural mobilisation techniques, dry needling and trigger point therapy using acupuncture needles. Nour is also a qualified Clinical Pilates practitioner thus has strong knowledge with prescribing core stability programs. Nour is a member of Sports Physiotherapy Australia and the Dance Physiotherapy Special Interest Group.

Multilingual: English, French, Arabic, Spanish